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A sliding glass door or porch door, is a kind of sliding door in design and development, is a vast glass window opening in a structure that give door access from a space to the outdoors, outside air, and extensive normal light. A sliding glass door is generally viewed as a solitary unit comprising of two board segments, one being settled and one a being versatile to slide open. Another plan, a divider measured glass stash door has at least one boards mobile and sliding into divider pockets, totally vanishing for a ‘completely open’ indoor-outdoor room understanding.

The sliding glass door was presented as a critical component of pre-war International style design in Europe and North America. Their point of reference is the sliding Shōji and Fusuma board door in conventional Japanese design. The post-war building blast in innovator and Mid-century present day styles, and on to rural farm style tract houses, multi-unit lodging, and inn motel chains has made them a standard component in private and cordiality building development in numerous locales and nations.